To enhance its patient and family-centered care experience and meet the growing demand for services, TriStar Horizon has started construction for its neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The State of Tennessee's Health Services and Development Agency (HSDA) approved for TriStar Horizon to add and operate a level II NICU last year.

The state-of-the-art NICU will give an enhanced level of care to new moms and newborns who need extra monitoring and a higher level of care due to prematurity, illness or other issues.

Expected to open this October, the NICU will have 24/7, in-house support from neonatal nurse practitioners. Additionally, our neonatologists are part of a network of physician specialists who provide neonatology services at many Nashville hospitals. In addition to these providers, an experienced interdisciplinary team, including specialty-trained nurses and respiratory therapists, will work to develop the best treatment plan for each infant and family.

"Of all the enhancements to TriStar Horizon in recent years, this is one that I'm particularly pleased with because of my passion for caring for moms and their newborn children. As a father of three, I fully appreciate the miracle of creation and childbirth and the critical importance of providing advanced neonatal services for our newborns that may require advanced care," said TriStar Horizon CEO, Dustin Greene. "Keeping moms and their babies together is critical for the bonding process. The addition of the NICU at TriStar Horizon will enhance our labor and delivery services to care for our community close to home."

The Birth Center at TriStar Horizon features 9 private suites to accommodate the rooming-in experience. This gives new parents the opportunity for a "hands on" experience caring for their newborn with guidance from nurses when needed. Families can also expect access to a board certified lactation consultant as well as a dedicated 1:1 laboring nurse as part of their overall experience.

"Welcoming babies to the world is one of the most remarkable parts of working in maternity services," said Tina Thornberry, RN, Director of Women's Services at TriStar Horizon. "The addition of the NICU only enhances our mission to provide a family-focused experience and better serve the families in our community."

Prior to delivering, expecting mothers can attend TriStar Horizon's classes for childbirth preparation and breastfeeding support. Find the next available class and more information on TriStar Horizon's Birth Center and NICU at