TriStar Horizon Medical Center February 21, 2017

Dickson, TN - TriStar Horizon Medical Center recently invested $1 million dollars to renovate the interventional radiology (IR) suite. New vascular and image-guided treatment options are now available to patients at TriStar Horizon with the new state-of-the-art equipment.

"We're excited to announce this recent reinvestment in our new interventional radiology suite," said Dr. Benjamin Jordan, interventional radiologist at TriStar Horizon. "This allows us to bring new subspecialized and higher levels of care for patients with a wide range of health conditions in the Dickson County and the surrounding communities."

Interventional radiology is a subspecialty in medicine that allows for minimally invasive procedures to be performed using image guidance. The new IR suite uses technology that boasts one of the largest fields of view for vascular and interventional imaging. This allows physicians to clearly visualize blood vessels in boney or dense soft tissue.

Many health problems can be addressed by interventional radiology and procedures include kyphoplasty, port placement, dialysis catheters, thoracentesis, paracentesis, epidural steroid injection and more. Patients benefit from the minimally invasive techniques that allow everything to be done through a small catheter that enters the body through a tiny incision in the skin, no larger than a few millimeters.

"In addition to these enhancements, we're very lucky at TriStar Horizon to have a wonderful staff, said Dr Jordan. Not only are they highly trained, but they genuinely care about the patient's experience and often go above and beyond to ensure they are comfortable."

TriStar Horizon's interventional radiology suite is the only multi-function IR lab from Jackson to Nashville, affording patients in the community to have access to a wide range of treatment options close to home. For a free physician referral, call TriStar MedLine at (615) 342-1919.